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 Experience they say is the best teacher. To the would be mum or first time mum this one is for you. 

Congratulations! On you motherhood coronation process;

 conception - full term - delivery.

Mother carrying her son,both staring at the camera.

As a novice you not completely au fait with the motherhood system, how to do your baby shopping,the whole idea of motherhood and accepting the change it brings to your entire being/life.

Here are few tips you need to take into consideration as you progress.

1. Your shopping cart.

First time mum's across the Globe share a common similarity which is buying items that are not useful in their region.

In the course of your ANC program, delivery  list is given to you  at the hospital or by your mid wife. Shop for all the items listed.

Next,is your baby home use shopping:

  • Clothes (mainly overall,head warmer,socks because they are too tender to be exposed to cold.),few shirts/sorts/gowns depending on the sex. You stock up as they increase in body mass.
  • Baby bath.
  • Bed/cot, wardrobe.
  • Feeding kit,water flask,warmer.
  • Dryer for spreading out washed clothes,,blanket, baby carrier..,etc.

These are the basic but you could shop some more,it all points to the budget you are working with.

2. Feeding/bonding.

Breastfeeding is the best time to bond with your baby. Doctors recommend you place your baby on breast milk for at least 6 months before introducing formular et al.

A baby weighed 4kg at birth but kept crying after each feeding session,this went on for days until her parents booked an appointment with the family doctor. It was observed that the baby weighed less than her initial birth weight because she wasn't getting enough milk. The doctor recommended formula and that solved the problem.

Whatever plan you choose, endeavor to monitor your baby closely to know their  health status. The goal is to have a healthy baby.

Ensure your baby burps after each feeding section to aid digestion.

3. Poop color.

Do not neglect the poop color at all,take a peek in the diaper each time you change your baby.

  • Dark color (meconium at birth)
  • Pale yellow (normal)
  • Greenish with mucos (diarrhea).
  • Others.
They tell about the health, transition to the next stage or an unlying health problem. Contact your doctor if need be.

4. Look out for your baby.

Your baby is delicate and should be handled with care and love. At this point, every woman you come across is a specialist giving advice not asked. They go ahead to lecture you on a certain pattern or ritual used during their child bearing years.

NB: different strokes for different folk.

When you are skeptical about a particular thing,ask your doctor, midwife or mother. You might get into people's black book but your little jewel is safe.

- sterilize feeding kit before each meal and always keep your surroundings tidy.

- use pesticides to eliminate insects.

5. Discomfort/body language.

The only language babies understand is crying whether they are hungry, awake from sleep or have a soaked diaper.You're subjected to denote what each cry signifies. If after  latching or changing to a clean diaper and it persists then COLIC is the problem.

COLIC is the discomfort new born babies usually feel in their stomach. It is the reason for sudden outburst even when there's no discomfort. It keeps them crying for a long period of time,hours within the day or week (s). Colic cannot exceed the duration of 3months when their navel is healed completely.

NB: dress baby's navel  with cotton wool and mythelated spirit to prevent germs from coming in contact. Visit the pharmaceutical store for prescribed medication to sooth pain.

6. Create a pattern.

"Sleep when baby is sleeping."

Get a trusted hand ,it could be a family member,close acquaintance or better still hire a nanny to help navigate between chores,as you take time to recuperate and heal fully.

When you're fully recuperated, create a schedule which revolves around ;baby- family- work- you. Stick to it!

7. Mood swing.

You might get lost in the midst of it all; sore breast, sleepless nights,baby uncontrollable outburst, eating right, caesarian section or epislotomy stitches... All these defines motherhood. Do not allow depression set in because you might end up hating your baby. Stay strong cause you are a fine warrior.this phase shall pass too.

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