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 Do you know your circle, squad or team?

Try taking a study of everyone on board taking into serious consideration the role played by each person.

Take note of the critic,eager beaver, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed,green eyes monster & fair weather.

Different animated body mass and sizes.

Let the aforementioned characteristics rep 0,

  You, rep 1.

1. 1 × 0= 0  where 0 (green eyes monster , fair weather.)

Both are dangerous set to have in a Team most especially the fair weather. They have nothing to loose by default are parasitic in nature.

You find them when sailing is smooth but once the ship encounters a turbulent storm💧, they are gone with the wind, watching from afar,waiting for the ship to wreck .They are back on board when the coast🌤️ is clear again.

Having such 0 will be a huge distraction, you end up becoming them in the short/long run, they steal your originality🙆.

2.  1 + 0 = 1   where 0 ( critic, eager beaver, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.)

0 has no effect on 1 because they work together to bring out the best of 1, they avert near death incidence by watching one another's back and they reach their Port🛳️ in one piece and unharmed.

Ensure to be circumspect and patient when carrying out this study, for the latter determines your final outcome in life either a success or failure.

Not my regular sauce🍵. Quite abstract a bit.

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