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 " To the mother in waiting, I have traveled through this route. Do not lose hope,there is always light at the end of the tunnel."

Baby at 3months staring at the camera.

In Africa, the next stage that follows a 

' Happy married life!' is  a ' visible bump.' and when it's not forth coming, people begin to raise their brow; mostly people whom you share no link with.

Barely a year after my wedding, there was still no sign of pregnancy. A certain woman who lived opposite my block would specifically talk about how fertile she is and was willing to birth baby no.7 if need be. 

She went on to say that any lady incapable of conceiving after her wedding had undergone series of abortion. These were her words to her listeners each time I passed but I ignored her completely.

A colleague at work once called me a married lady adding that I was still in the market because I was yet to birth a child. Again,I swept it under the carpet.

That year,I visited my gynecologist and was told I had PCOS because my hormone is imbalanced. The unfertilized eggs may rupture on their own or not. I should get busy with work and avoid stress. That year went by, nothing happened.

Four months later,I did a continuous ovulation tracking test which ran for 4 days. The report stated that I had anovulatory cycle.That same month,God countered that report and I took in.

The afformentioned woman didn't believe her eyes as the pregnancy bump became visible,she bowed her head in shame each time I passed by her. All what she said,I took it all in good faith, I never stopped greeting her till we left the estate after the arrival of my baby.

In a nutshell, anxiety is the major cause of Infertility; when tongues start to wag, friends become foe, family members turn to strangers. This is when most couples miss it; they begin to seek solution through diverse means like a cat on hot bricks, consuming all forms of concortion there by complicating things.

If you are on this boat,work with your doctor and spouse; keep to appointment,take your medications else, kill anxiety and get busy with work(mitigate stress).

You too shall conceive in due time.

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