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How do you see life?

To the infant; life is attention.

To the blind; life is vision.

To the cripple; life is movement.

To the young; life is adventure.

To the folly; life is pleasure.

To the captive; life is freedom.

To the wise; life is investment.

To the poor; life is cruel.

To the rich ; life is opportunity.

To the bed ridden; life is strength.

To the old; life is experience.

To the dead; life is void.

In a brown study and I have been able to reach the conclusion that;

Life is a very big stage where new actors spring forth while the old are relieved of their duties. Every role is scripted; some are lucky to lead a charmed life,for others it is hard as cheese.

It is a big market place filled with people displaying their wares, buyers trying to get goods below cost price or at cost price, spectators observing events unfold, children weep buckets, engine of vehicles ignited ready to convey passengers home. Alas, the evening draws near and everyone leaves the scene.

No matter the height I attain, these words are crested on the wall of my heart.

" It's not my life and cannot live as I see fit. Till the sun set at dusk; am nothing but a Vessel."

So,the burning question remains,what is your own perspective on life?

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