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 Once your baby clocks 6 months, you commence carrying out practical experiment in your kitchen to figure out foods your baby loves,those he's allergic to or ones he can't stand their sight.There is a long list of baby purees but I bring to you 3 local Nigeria purees aside Tom brown.

  • Guinea corn (Dawa) and Millet (Joro) puree.

We all know the health benefits of dawa and Joro. For dawa,I used an the red color, while Joro is 5 times the size of dawa and greyish in color.

Puree for babies of 6 months and above.
Add infant milk, blended crayfish, groundnut and soyabeans.


1 paint of dawa/Joro.




Cotton bag

A big bowl.


  • Destone both sides,wash thoroughly then use a sieve to drain out water.
  • Soak in an air tight container for 2 days; remember to pour out water each day and resoak to prevent the end product (paste) from having a pungent smell.
  • Take to the commercial mill on the second day or grind at home with the aid of a grinder.
  • Tie chiffon net around the big bowl, scoop some handful of the paste into it,add little quantity of water and sieve in paste into the net,add water in bit till a dry chaff is left on the net surface. Take off chaff into a waste bag.
  • Continue the process again until all paste is sieved into the chiffon net.
  • Get your cotton bag, pour in the sieved paste into it,knot the bag and place in a drainer for water waste to drain completely.
  • Transfer the content into a container with lid then refrigerate, bring out when you intend making puree for your child.

A quick preparation of dawa and Joro puree (Video)

  • Egg Custard puree.


Egg, infant milk,suger.


  • Break an egg or two,whisk it, dissolve infant milk in water; not watery but thick.
  • Get a plate with lid and rub small drops of groundnut oil; to prevent the puree from sticking to it.
  • Pour in your egg,milk and sugar mixture.
  • Pour water in a pot then place on the burner. Place the plate inside and allow to simmer for 30minutes...serve warm.

  • Rice pudding


Rice,infant milk and sugar.


  • Cook rice till tender then mash.
  • Dissolve infant milk in water,add sugar.
  • Mix to mashed rice and serve warm.

  • Semo Puree


Semovita/Semolina, infant milk and sugar.


  • Mix semo is water to form a smooth paste free of lumps.
  • Pour water in a pot and place on the burner, allow to boil. Gently pour in your semo paste and stir,cook for 10minutes.
  • Add sugar,then the dissolved infant milk. Heat for one minute.
  • Serve warm.

Try experimenting with these trusted purees,no matter how picky your baby may be,one of these must match their taste bud.
Mine loved the dawa/Joro puree.
You can share more puree recipes on this thread.

NB; These purees are not substitute for breast milk but to complement breastfeeding.

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