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1. Do not breastfeed while lying down to prevent outflow of milk from ears,nose or cause blockage in the respiratory trait. 

2.  Endeavor to stay fully awake during night feeding sessions in order not to throw your baby over.

3. Use small size towel to wash up baby and not a bailer. You do not want your little one gulping down water.

4. Visit your care giver or pediatrician if you notice any symptom(s). Self medication can harm your baby. 

5.  Do not undress babies fully during  at the day or at night so they do not catch cold.

6. Resist any form of temptation to shake babies vigorously as you could damage their brains. 

7. Let babies burp after  each feeding  session to prevent them from puking.

8.  Change diapers frequently to stop the spread of rash or develop new ones.

 9.Do not leave babies in the care of younger siblings,they might consider them being a toy.

10. Handle babies delicately when lifting them up,do not pull their arms forcefully to prevent dislocation.


Baby sitting down

11. Do not leave plastic bags, blankets within their reach. Dispose plastic bags properly to prevent suffocation.

12. Do  on not place infants on high surfaces (bed, chairs, cabinet,...). They could roll over and incure severe injury.

13. Introduce complementary meals and fruits along side breastfeeding from age 6months to prevent malnutrition.

14. Do not allow continuous stooling linger. Get adequate medication to avoid dehydration, sunken eyes,pale skin or loss of strength.

15. Wash their hands regularly to prevent contracting infectious diseases from surfaces.


16.  Do not carry toddlers to the kitchen area, they might get exposed to naked fire and burn themselves.

17.  Dry up surfaces so they don't become slippery.

18.  Keep medication, chemical, repellent above the counter.

19.  Do not leave electrical appliances exposed to prevent electrocution.

20. Put away sharp objects/toys away from their reach.

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