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A story that made us stronger than our real self is called 'THE PAST' . Some left scars too big to vanish and we are filled with regret, wishing we had powers to undo that particular scene,time and date of our lives. The bittersweet truth is this, 

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"The past if not completely addressed could wreck one's life or relationship forever."

Reasons why we need to open up on our past in a Relationship.

  • To be on the same wavelength with your partner..

At the early phase of courtship it's advisable to spill the bean. To gain a decent level of sanity in the future and for the general well being of the mind,tell your partner about your past.

  • The past is buried.

The past is buried and forgotten! I totally do not agree. It has a funny way of raising its ugly head when one's life has attained stability again.

  • Blackmail.

Blackmail has led many people to serve two masters against their wish; the blackmailer and partner and live in fear until they want out because they are completely drained mentally, physical and financially.

  • Stitch one and save nine.

You are filled with fear of losing him/her now. 

"A broken courtship is far better than a broken Home."

This is the sole reason why most people hide their past. If they leave,then you are not meant to be. Imagine hiding that much and watch all you've ever worked for scrumble before your eyes.

On the other Hand,there are things you need to consider about your partner before you spill the bean. Examine your partner to know if they can withstand the truth and their level of Maturity.

  • Are they reasonable enough to hide your story from others? Will they use those words against you at the break of a quarrel?
  • Are they laconic in words? Do they weigh their words before letting them out in order not to hurt the listener(s)?
  • Is your love interest deeply into you or is the relationship one sided?

If you can answer these questions correctly then you should be able to figure out if you are in the right ship or if  they a potential spouse.6 important questions to ask your partner during courtship
 If otherwise,keeep calm and save yourself from unnecessary drama in the relationship.

Are you of a different opinion that one's past should be left out of their present relationship?
Kindly share your reasons under this thread. Feel free to share this post.

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