Kim Kardasian: 'After 20 season run, Keeping Up With The Kardashians ends filming.

Kim shared the final day of filming KUWTK on her Instagram story.She shared a drink with the KUWTK crew Friday, as they raised a glass after filming the final episode of their E! show's 20-season run, which premiered back in 2007.

In a video, captioned: 

'20 Seasons. 14 years. Bible, we can’t believe today is the last day of filming for #KUWTK. Final season coming soon to E!'

She sat in her backyard with a plastic cup of champagne in her hand, addressing her fans:

 'Hey guys, we just finished filming forever... like forever, ever. We're done. We're never filming again. Is that so crazy?

So, we're having a drink with the crew in my backyard, hanging out. Cheers to... I don't know, 15 years, 20 seasons of craziness and lots of love.'

It's a wrap! Not on the tears or the drinks tho,' she wrote with a photo of the party's liquor selection, adding: 'Officially sobbing. Grateful for every single second

She also showed off some cute plate settings at their last lunch, each family member's plate featuring a cookie decorated with their face.

Beignet Box food truck owned by Christina Milian supplied some powdered sugar-coated treats for the farewell.

Kim also filmed a touching moment on her IG stories, showing the KUWTK audio technician Erin Paxton as she outfitted Kim with a mic for the very last time after 14 years of production.

This is our last Keeping Up With The Kardashians micing of life,' Kim said, as she panned her cameraphone down to show the mic boxes of all of her sisters and her mother. 

Mic boxes with tag

Erin was heard saying,

 'I’m going to cry,'

 while the middle Kardashian sister tried to comfort her.

It comes amid reports that she and husband Kanye West, 43, are getting a divorce after six years of marriage, after several attempts to keep the union by seeing a Marriage counselor.

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