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Whether you met your spouse on foot ,bike or in his car,the moment you agree to be joined in holy matrimony, you become a complement him.

"He who finds a Wife find a good thing,he shall obtain favour from the Lord." One of few statement that comes with a condition and a blessing."

Honour your father and mother so that your days may be long falls into such category.

Brothers,you could be comfortable in your present state but that's not the level mapped out.There are so many doors waiting to unlock the moment you take the bold step and stay truthful to each other.

A president in waiting needs a Wife to become a President because there are  challenges they have to surmount before the prize.

Also,it means you are about to be responsible & productive, hence,attracts a greater force. Coming together as one make you formidable.

When you are set for the journey,please,be circumspect! friendship is not marriage. Think your choice over again, as you admire the container your main focus should be the content: this decides how well and far you both would get along with time.

A legit means of livelihood,dialogue on how best to get the necessary things,call on God to fulfil his promise  before you consummate the union.

To so many, the initial statement remains an Axiom.

In set theory:

The complement of a set B refer to elements not in B.

When you complement your man you add vital elements into his life that are not found in him....this is the core beauty of marriage!

Even when your spouse is made,there are things you as a wife need to complement.

If marriage was all about qualifications and class,why do celebrities and elites part ways after few months?

I have seen women get married to the already made and after few years,everything becomes history. It's no ancestral force or manipulation but because there is no spiritual alignment existing between both spouse.

Also,there are women who marry men who are financially unstable and years after she complements him perfectly,check the history of most great men today.

Therefore, whether you marry the financially stable or unstable Man, the power to unlock those hidden elements lie in the hands of the wife,iff there exist an alignment.

Sisters, when you marry have that mindset that you are a light and wherever you step foot into,you shall illuminate that surrounding and beyond.

Here is a real life senerio;

There was a girl he loved so much and could  stop the Earth"s rotation to prove it but the problem was that he was struggling to meet ends need.

The first time he visited her was the last indeed because her dad pointed a gun at him,threatening to shoot. He took to his heels and never visited again but life went on...

Years past,he kept developing,attending seminars and workshop,took courses off and online. Eventually,hard work paid and he became the MD of a company(withheld),dreams became reality.

One day,he drove into the old neighbourhood he grew as a child and stopped to say hello to the girl's family. The gateman opened the gate then he drove in,her parents were outside enjoying the evening breeze  so he walked majestically towards them but they couldn't recognise him,he went on to give a brief introduction of who he was and is. 

They were dumbfounded and couldn't look him in the face.He asked after there daughter and they replied "fine.". They offered him a drink which he refused politely.

Few days later,he returned to base, his phone rang and it was a lady's voice which he recognised so well.They exchanged pleasantries     

" How is life treating you?" he asked.

" I am a divorcee,marriage did not work for me. My parents ruined my life by taking a major decision for me."

"Are you married now?" she asked.

"Yes, I am happily married.It's a pity what's  become of you but I had advice you dust yourself up and start over this time.I wish you the best in life. If you need my financial assistance,please do not hesitate to call. I will always lend a helping hand." He ended the call.

In marriage,you need to understand your destined fate; 

Are you a builder or are you to work on the already built? 

one thing is certain,no matter how we wish to abscond to the latter,the two can't be intertwined.

From the story,I believe the lady is a builder but her parents switched her fate to the latter which is the choicest.

Ladies,are we on the same wavelength? If you think otherwise, please be free to share your thoughts under this thread let's brainstorm.

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