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Personality is defined as the characteristic sets of behaviors, cognitions, and emotional patterns that evolve from biological and environmental factors. While there is no generally agreed upon definition of personality, most theories focus on motivation and psychological interactions with one's environment. Wikipedia

Brett Hardin stated four personality types:

  • Driver- fast raised extrovert
  • Analytical- fact based introvert
  • Amiable- Relationship introvert
  • Expressive- Relationship extrovert.
You could up his article to get a clear picture of what he's saying.

I am adding to the existing facts on personality types; The dog like and cat like.We all know that a dog is more loyal than a cat,it's an axiom.

Dog like Personality
  • Trusting, altruistic,kind, affectionate, sociable.
  • People who possess such trait do not usually have a mind of their own.
  • They easily jump on the band wagon.
  • They oblige to things against their wish which mostly ends in regret.
  • Their altruistic nature aid people take advantage of them 
  • They are extroverts.

Cat like Personality
  • They keep oneself to oneself.
  • They tend not to know  whether one is coming or going.
  • They live the life of Riley.
  • They are introverts.
  • They show high level of curiosity.
  • They are creative.

Cat like over Dog like.

l vividly remember my ANC visits to the hospital every Thursday. Different pregnant women visited for same purpose. In a gathering as such,you would see all personality types on display.
  • Those who knew why they came.
  • Those who were laconic in words.
  • The comediennes/chatterbox: you could know their family tree in one meeting.
  • The gossip.

The Gossip.

This particular clique had most people with dog like Personality. They talked and laughed over everyone and everything.
  • Body size/look
  •  Clothing
  • Countered teachings given by the nurses with their half baked suggestions.
The nurses kept admonishing pregnant women to fucus on having a healthy baby than get distracted by people whom you might never run into again after delivery. They never did!

When I delivered of my baby, a member of the gossip clique visited my ward shortly and I inquired of their leader.

She shook he head and said,

" Ah! That my friend is very stubborn,she never herd to the nurses,never took her medications seriously and ate everything that came her way. Did you know that she almost gave up the ghost and lost her baby? She became partially blind upon labor and was quickly operated to save them both.

She truly  learnt her lessons the hard way." She concluded.

" So when are you paying her a visit as a friend?" I asked.

"Me? I do not have space for such people who are misleading in character. I can't believe she distracted me in the first instance." She added.

After she left the ward,I pondered on our conversation and reached a conclusion that

" If you lure or join people to break rules because of your unstable personality.
NB: Nothing is certain in life, people change at the night of trouble.

If you have a dog like Personality, you could be loyal and still disagree to things."

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