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At 40 weeks there were no signs of contraction yet, I became worried and restless. Just wanted to pop out my baby, regain shape and start enjoying different sleep posture again.

I and hubby put a call through to the hospital and was told to come over. On  February 11,2020,we packed up all the ANC requirements and some of my stuffs,then drove to the hospital.

I spent a night before contraction started. Hmmm! No one has ever given the best description of it. When I conceived newly,each time mom called to check on me, 

I usually talked her into telling what labor felt like but all she gave were words of encouragement and strength. At a point, I became afraid as months became weeks then days.

" Childbirth is what make us women. We just have to embrace it by staying strong the whole journey. The only means of survival is making positive declaration daily upon your life and unborn child.

 Look around, you find Children everywhere birthed by women: strong,weak, young and advanced... They survived the delivery room,so shall you!"

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At exactly 4:00pm the following day, I started contracting which fluctuated at intervals.

Oh my ! The pain was excruciating, out of this World. Neither could I stand,walk or lye by my sides on a go but the nurses advised I laid down to aid quick dilation of the cervix.

Dealing with contraction wasn't enough, I was frequently checked to see how far I have dilated.another nightmare.

"She has reached pains ." Said the Doctor.


The pains is the final phase of contraction.

At this stage the strong lady in me died, I quickly disbanded from the #Noscream gang and forcefully jumped from the bed admist plea from the nurses to endure a little more.

Oh! How I called on the name of Jesus.

" Jesus,son of David, have mercy on me." I kept chanting  this repeatedly.

Hubby was confused and petrified as the whole scene displayed right before his eyes,he never stopped praying for US.

The urge to pass out waste swept through me,

" I want to poo! " I shouted.

The battle 

Once inside the theatre,I quickly relieved myself and after several failed attempts to push,a nurse hinted me a little,

" Once you start contracting again, just push!" She beckoned.

So I did as told and gave it my hardest,my baby jumped out, the force at which he popped out broke the umblical cord wrapped around his neck.

My baby

The only sound he made was 'cough' nothing more. I looked on and saw the healthy baby lay lifeless. I cried out to God to save his innocent soul from death. The medical team swung into action, every attempt made brought him back to life.

He cried Non- stop after which we were cleaned up and moved to the delivery ward. This incident made me realize that God's love for me is priceless.

He was born February 13,2020. At the start of the COVID 19 lockdown. The moment he came out every pain vanished away and I totally forgot what transpired.

First time mums take a bit longer to birth their babies than the regular mum because their pelvic is still tight, but all that matters is the end result which is welcoming your bundle of happiness.

Signed a first time mum

" The name of the Lord is a strong tower,the righteous run into it and are safe."


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