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 The Ideal Husband

He is a young,vibrant and experienced man,who has seen the sweet,bitter, ugly sides of life. Still wouldn't give up because he has a bearing.

He singles out a lady from the lot,starts something special with her because he wants her to handle the empire which they are going to build.

He makes it a routine each day to know how she spent her day. He pushes her to aim higher, never gets tired of the tone of her voice,her laughter. They could connect all day.

He gossips about other girls with her, keeps no secret from her , always eager to show her off to his friends, wears a smile at the mention of her name.

At the wake of trouble, she's his first contact.

Each day, he tries to improve on his weakness because 

"A lady can not change a man because she loves him but he changes himself because he loves her."

He has a great sense of humor and is grateful to God for blessing him with such lady.

The ideal Mother in-law

She is a woman past her prime but full of wisdom from her encounter with the event called Life. Fondly called mama by her Children and all those around.

She visits her son to spend few months in his house. Mama is circumspect over activities in her son's life: he no longer keeps late night, always on the phone,a certain name changes his mood in a positive way.

"Mum,there is someone I want you to meet and  I am inviting her over this weekend." He said.

Lady X comes visiting,mum welcomes her and observes her mannerism & personality. She is satisfied with her assessment.

Mama calls her son after the departure of their guest, you have finally found a wife. Of a truth she is beautiful but I looked beyond that and saw a lady with sound training,reserved and has an amazing personality yet intelligent. Give me her contact so I can check up on her often.

Mama called some days later and asked if her son calls regularly.

Everyday she persuades her son to hasten things up, that he has found a treasure.

" When you visit a jewellery store and stumble upon on a beautiful set, you do not go ahead stating how beautiful it is. You simply take it off the shelf by purchasing it." She concluded.

The ideal Wife

She knows her worth and won't allow any man objectify her for only sexual purposes.What women need to know

She is talented,an eager beaver, focused,a builder.

She didn't turn to an overnight wife by performing wifely duties cooking and washing for his family to be recognized.

She didn't bribe her partner to make recitations on her behalf to his mum.

She didn't bug her partner for the  contact of his family members.

She didn't buy any special or expensive gift to win souls.

Neither did she keep vigil to tie or bind her soul to theirs.

She went bearing two things in mind, to show her real and transparent self,no pretence. If she was liked, perfect! If not,then it's not for her.

Now she's been's up to her to  introduce the aforementioned or not to avoid name calling when she can no longer fulfill these obligations in the nearest future.

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