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Quote for mother's and daughter in-law

The gap between mother and daughter in-law widens each day. The dispute over gaining his attention and ownership leaves bold crack on the marriage wall but it shouldn't be.

The men of old knew certain principles about marriage and it played out well for them. Abraham, the patriarch of the Christian faith  for example; After his marriage to Sarah,he moved out of his father's house to a different place entirely and started life with his wife.

I keep asking myself,what if Abraham had stayed back?

The fate of him becoming father of nation's would have been truncated.
Sarah had her child at 90 years old. Her stay in the family house would have been miserable due to the constant reminder of her predicaments and might have been kicked out as well for her inability to bare children.

Abraham would have been limited in life if  he had depended on on his father's inheritance. He took a leap of faith and greatness followed him down to his fourth generation.

Role of HIS wife in Marriage.

A good wife attracts blessings and positively. Abraham became great after he married and that act unlocked his hidden blessings.

Every man become reasonable and picky when searching for a partner because after the day struggle,he needs a calm place where he can find solace.... A woman builds one!

A wife is a catalyst for continuity.

She meets the demand of her mom in-law

A wife is a helpmate not a maid who needs shelter in exchange for service. Before your path crossed,she has a family,an origin... Value her!

She is a problem solver,seek her counsel and key into it.

Role of HIS mother in Marriage

Your obligation as a couple is to honor and care for your parents. Your mom is the tool used to bring about your existence.your father's wife. Your wife is your wife.

It is her duty to admonish,share keys to a successful marriage.

She is a mentor,the wife looks up to.

She is a peace maker.

She is unbiased in her judgement and won't entertain any form of evil understand her watch.

She understands that "life is live and let's live." She allows her daughter in law enjoy her Marriage and wouldn't want to always be in the big picture but by the side.

She intercedes for her children and pronounces blessings rather than curse.

She does not discriminate.

She is a great Host.

His mother has fulfilled her role in raising another generation successfully, He needs to start off where she stopped and seek her help when necessary. He moves out of his father's so that there exist a form of respect between both parties...

What's your take on this topic? Should there exist a bond between these two?
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