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It's every mother's wish to witness 4 vital stages in their babies life.

  • A baby holding his/her neck 
  • Sitting
  • Standing
  • Walking

At birth my baby weighed 4kg,on the next immunization visit to the health center,he weighed 5.4kg(2 months), then at 3 months,he weighed 7.5Kg.

I made it a routine to take record of each milestone covered in his monthly growth/development, within 2-3 months,he could lift his head and turn over when placed on his tummy, quite rapid.

Into the 4th month, he took ill and was down with diarrhea. The pharmacist prescribed: Amoxicillin,Metrocide and Emzor Zinc sulphate. Immunization for that month showed a drop in weight as he weighed 5.9 kg. The care giver asked what the problem was,

"He had diarrhea for few days." I said,

I remember when mom came over to visit at 6 months,she placed him on her laps with the intention to make him stand but he just wouldn't. She drew my attention to it stating that at that age, a baby should be able to stand firmly when placed on a hard surface.

I introduced him to Dawa and Joro puree, cerelac and Dr Hommel's extra virgin cod liver oil with 9 essential vitamins and orange syrup. We decided not to dwell on that because it wasn't an issue yet until the 8th month when  there were still no improvement, but he could roll from one end to the other.

The first specialist hospital we visited was a private one, the Doctor's wife is the specialist but we were unlucky to meet up with her on our first visit. Once in the doctor's office,he requested we undressed our son and place him on the table to stand but he wouldn't. After examining him,he said it could be motor neuron effect then booked an appointment for the following week. We never showed up!

Our next visit was at the general hospital,the pediatric ward. After we stated our mission,the pediatrician didn't give us the opportunity to stress further. She asked if he had problems at birth,if he tolerated breastfeeding,if he could hold his neck,sit without support,held onto things properly. My answers came in Yes and no form, while she took record.

Her final verdict was that nothing was wrong with him .

" Mere looking at him and from the answers you gave,I think your baby is fine. You parents worry too much, every child is unique and adapt differently to things at their own pace. Do not force them!

My son walked at 17months." She advised.

As we drove home, I felt as though a heavy load had been lifted from within me. Towards the last weeks in January, we noticed how he held on to things for support while he stood at 11 months. 

Today, not only can he stand,he can also climb as well.

Just a peek at his happy yet funny moment below:

" Once you believe a negative report,it gets a name and become a problem"

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