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 My baby recently clocked 1, hurray! Below are some his growth/development I took record of in the course of his one year complete revolution round the clock.

At one month.

He could slightly move his head while he slept.

At two months.

He could lift his head up when placed on his tummy.

At three months.

When laid on his tummy,he turned over without support.

 He carried his head. well.. This development is a huge milestone for babies, most mothers freak out when there is no improvement at this stage.

At four months.

He developed the ability to grab at things effectively.

He started sitting practice.

He started showing signs of teething.

At five months.

He could lift both legs when changing his diapers,pulled on his feet.

Used his fingers to soothe his itching gum.

First Lower tooth (central incisor) appeared.

At six months.

He tried reaching out to things while sitted.

Second lower tooth (central incisor) appeared.

At seven months.

He mastered the act of turning.

He could clap both hands.

He reacted to things using head motion.

Expressed his emotions by crying or laughing when scolded.

At eight months.

We visited the hospital because Baby not standing at 8months.

First upper tooth (central incisor) appeared .

Second upper tooth (central incisor) appeared down.

At nine months.

He was introduced to Joro and dawa puree

He started backward movement on his tummy.

Third lower (lateral incisor ) tooth appeared.

At ten months.

He started the forward movement on his tummy.

Ability to move his walker unsupported.

At eleven months.

Crawling,kneeling, standing while holding things.

Fourth lower (lateral incisor) tooth appeared.

At twelve months.

He could climb any surface.

Walked around with support.

Fell sick as a result of the left and right upper (lateral incisor) forming.

NB: Always bear in mind that babies monthly growth/development varies. The pattern is not fixed.
Unless there was a problem at birth then you can seek for help,asides that,let them adapt, stand, walk,...,at their own time.

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