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Grandmother with her grandchildren in a photo shoot.

Some adults of ruly character were raised right.They knew and still know what social vices are with their consequences. Parents of this generation are too busy to inculcate the right morals. 

It's better late than never,do you want to get it right this time, here are some helpful tips you need to get started.

5 reasons why you should groom your kids.

1-5 reasons to groom your kids.

Oh parents! it is not enough to give life and watch them rot away. Learn to reprimand your kids when necessary, enable them differentiate the good from bad. Stop singing their ecomium each time they deviate with the regular "don't judge so you won't be judged." theme song.

10 ways  to groom your kids for a better future.

1-3 ways to groom your kids.

4-7 ways to groom your kids.

8-10 ways to groom your kids.

If we don't stop this cankerworm that has successfully eaten deep into the root of civilization,I see or rather we are headed to a future where kids,parents,society and the world at large are stuck in the mess they created years past.

One where MORALS/ETHICS/ETIQUETTE becomes words which exist in the dictionary but no longer in use.

To every child out there,you are special and deserve to be raised right

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