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 So many people are yet to receive that life changing recommendation in order for them to move over to the next level.Each day,we ask God for his blessings but he only does that  through people ,mostly between a stranger and those  we know.

Recommendation is the act of saying that someone or something is good,fit or qualified and deserves  to be chosen.

The milky way is indeed a small one and whatever we do gets back at us, especially when it comes to dealing with individual (s) or how we treat our partner in a relationship,always remember that no one is an island.

Has it ever crossed your mind why you  hardly get those things you earnestly desire? It could be that someone you consider an enemy is giving wrong recommendation about you.

 As you go about your daily duties ,play a fair game ,treat people with respect because the people you meet on your way up are those you meet coming down. People give recommendations based on their relationship with you or past encounter.

God himself has been and still is in the business. Few examples to drive home my view ;


He Knew that  he had every tendency to reach greatness,he didn't just fold his arms but he started out little by interpreting dreams for friends, family and  people around him.

When he underwent his widerness experience,it wasn't a yardstick to stop,he didn't bury his potential because the good suddenly turned bad.  He persevered until the moment he got that one recommendation from Pharoah's cupbearer(Genesis 41:12-14).

NB; Whatever gift or skill you possess,be Consistent. It would yield bountiful harvest in the long run.


A maiden fostered by Mordecai,was handed over to Hegai upon the King's decree in search of a wife.She found favor in the sight of Hegai before the King.Because the moment he saw her,he already recommended her for his master in his heart.

Hence,gave her preferential treatment than any of the other maidens (Esther 2:8-9).

NB; The first impression you give to someone meeting you up for the time is the real definition of you. Have a clear personality, be transparent.


The youngest amongst his Siblings, yet God recommended him for Himself. Not minding his Statistics or position in his family. The interesting thing is that David was birthed by a concubine.The most beautiful thing about this,God located him while in hiding.

NB; People are swift to apportion blame or pinpoint flaws in order to prevent others from attaining a certain height in life. The good news is that with God,the narrative is different. He selects the unqualified and automatically qualify them. Believe in yourself and see your fit to handle the task ahead.


When God recommended Moses to be the spoke man for his people,he tried bargaining his way of it but all attempt were futile. He wasn't sure of himself and allowed inferiority complex creep in.

He gave reason(s) not to pick him,one of which was that he stammered but his plea was ignored. When he finally embraced his fears,he did exploit that generations yet to come shall surely hear of his acts.

NB: Convert your weakness to strength in leadership and see how productive your team will be.

7 reasons why we need to be recommended in life.

 * It is a positive catalyst that hasten your elevation.

* It tells you are good at what you do and deserve the best.

* It is a booster to keep soaring high.

* It unlocks new potential.

*  It keeps you committed and focused.

* It brings about growth and stability.

* It singles you out from the lot.

In a nutshell, I pray that you will be recommended for good today.

"Its my life and would live as i see fit"

This is the thinking of the folly! Its God's life and when he wants to elevate you ,he uses anybody....The Power of Recommendation.

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