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Yousef presently tops the list of 10 richest BBNAIJA S6 housemates.

 BBNAIJA S6 reality TV show is no doubt the biggest show in Africa presently. Each day, housemates are given a task usually passed and read as a brief.  Instruction on how to execute such task is carefully stated. Housemates are divided into equal groups then they proceed to rehearse within a stipulated time frame. The winning team is announced late into the evening with amount their earned plus other incentives as the case may be. On Wednesday afternoon, in Jackie B's diary session with Biggie, she  explained how sad she felt because she had never won a task before, probably because of her group and that  makes her feel unlucky. While some are nursing their loss, others are securing the bag. Below is the list of 10 richest BBNAIJA S6 housemates as at 18th of August,2021. 1)Yousef-1.82M 2)Liquorose-1.7M 3)Michael-1.55M 4)Emmanuel-1.1M 5)Nini-972k 6)Peace-916k 7)Queen-806k 8)JMK-806k 9)Whitemoney-746k 10)Angel-746k Yousef topping the list comes as a shock, he seem as the most underr

Maria is a Pretender,Nini is a child but Whitemoney is the best.- Beatrice,Ex BBNaija S6 housemate.

  Beatrice,One of the Big Brother Naija S6 housemates who was evicted a few days ago along side Niyi and Yerins,  has finally spoken after her eviction. The first female housemate in an interview with Legit disclosed her thoughts on what and how she sees the housemates in the house. Beatrice stated that she does not have any regrets or hold any grudge against anyone in the house for leaving the show early. Beatrice talked about her journey in the BBNija house and her plans for the future. Describing how she saw the other housemates, Beatrice said Saga is a talkative , Nini is a child, and Maria pretends a lot. Beatrice added that Pere has the qualities of her kind of man but not exactly but Emmanuel fits in the category of her type of man. She also said that Pere and Maria don’t deserve each other because they don’t fit together although they have some ugly qualities. “Maria is a manipulator and talks too much. She is also a pretender. Pere has the same qualities as Maria. They are ali

Kayvee of BBNaija S6 exit the house to seek medical help.

 Kayvee,is a contestant of the BBNaija reality show. He is a photographer by profession and resides in Oba, Lagos. He joined the show about a week during the Sunday live show that saw the eviction of Niyi,Yerins and Beatrice from the house. On Sunday afternoon in the blue room ,his fellow housemates narrated some weird behavior he portrayed to each of them. Whitemoney said he pushed him out of way instead of politely asking him to.Boma, Princess and Tega were not left out they shared their ordeal with him as well.  Recall, he flared up when Queen asked him to come to the sitting area for the Sunday shopping. She snapped back at him but held her cool unlike her. Earlier today, Whitemoney requested they prayed together when they woke from sleep and agreed to it. Whitemoney said Kayvee gripped him firmly and at that moment,he knew all wasn't well.Back in the kitchen,JMK, offered to help him make his tea but he shunned her.  Since it is Biggie's house and he sees everywhere and eve

" I had a dream when you guys put me up on eviction." - Queen of BBNaija S6 housemate. You

  Everyone can agree with me that Queen of BBNaija S6 is indeed a drama queen because her temper can flare from 0-100 in a second. She had a heated argument with Maria her fellow housemates barely 2 days after she joined the reality show. Over the weekend she and Angel engaged in another quarrel because those in charge of cooking failed to perform their duties. She had something with Boma within few days of her arrival. The relationship was short lived when Boma accused her of being clingy when she repeatedly stopped him from dancing with other girls at the Saturday night party. This act didn't go down well with Boma who asked her to stop that they weren't in a relationship yet. On Monday morning,as she went about her laundry at the garden,a discussion ensued between her and Jaypaul. He jokingly teased her about entertaining them with different snoring pattern over the night. They both laughed over the development and she went on to lecture him about her sleeping habit. "I