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" I had a dream when you guys put me up on eviction." - Queen of BBNaija S6 housemate. You


I had a dream you guys put me up on eviction.

Everyone can agree with me that Queen of BBNaija S6 is indeed a drama queen because her temper can flare from 0-100 in a second.

She had a heated argument with Maria her fellow housemates barely 2 days after she joined the reality show. Over the weekend she and Angel engaged in another quarrel because those in charge of cooking failed to perform their duties.

She had something with Boma within few days of her arrival. The relationship was short lived when Boma accused her of being clingy when she repeatedly stopped him from dancing with other girls at the Saturday night party. This act didn't go down well with Boma who asked her to stop that they weren't in a relationship yet.

On Monday morning,as she went about her laundry at the garden,a discussion ensued between her and Jaypaul. He jokingly teased her about entertaining them with different snoring pattern over the night.

They both laughed over the development and she went on to lecture him about her sleeping habit.

"I normally don't sleep with my clothes on,it's because I am on BBNaija,I roll over as well and part my legs too. My ex can attest to that because I always push him off the bed the times we were together." She said

" But you were sleep talking in your sleep as well." Jaypaul asked further.

"I kinda of had a dream as well, you guys put me put me up on eviction in dream. It kind of looked real until I woke up and realized it was a dream." She finalized.

They both laughed over it and they switched discussion to random topics.